Raster Portal

Data collection, trend analysis, and predictive reporting

Raster Portal can help with planning maintenance activities as well as show trends from conditions in the field.

Raster Portal is your dashboard to help make data-driven decisions from conditions in the field.

Use Raster Portal for planning:

  • Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Lists for Inspection Programs
  • Work Packages for Preventive or Reactive Maintenance

Create Live Reports for:

  • Observations or Notifications with documentation
  • Visualizing Failure Mechanisms in 3D
  • Inspection Results by search criteria

Raster Mobile

Tablet and software for the Digital Field Worker

Raster Mobile was developed in 2015 for inspection and maintenance planning.

Our software and hardware allows Field Workers a fully digital experience.

Using Raster Mobile App and ATEX Zone 1 Tablets for working in all areas of the Plant.

By allowing Inspectors to use Digital Tools in the field, they have access to all the data they need at any given time.

  • Maintenance History
  • Temperature and pressure from sensors
  • Documentation

Our Raster Mobile App is developed to be effective and eliminate human errors.


Gas Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

Using Optical Gas Imaging and a Forward Looking InfraRed camera to find gas leaks (FLIR).

Our own team of Digital Field Workers are onsite using a FLIR camera as well as our Raster Mobile Solution to systematically go through piping and equipment that both has hydrocarbon gas and is currently in operation. Observations are reported back into Raster with photos and movies tied to their respective identification (TAG) from the Plant.


EPIC / UAK Inspectors

One of the features of EPIC is that the inspectors are certified in multiple disciplines.

Multi-discipline EPIC Inspectors are key to doing more onsite with less people. EPIC Inspectors typically have three certificates:

  • NS 476 FROSIO Coating Inspector (Overflate)
  • FROSIO Insulation Inspector (Isolasjon)
  • NS 415 Operation Inspector (Driftsinspektør)


Data Visualization

All Raster Data is Geocoded to an X, Y, and Z Coordinate System from the Plant Documentation.

Benefits of Geocoding:

  • Display TAG/equipment on Plot Plan Documentation for inspection (Where is it?)
  • Display trends from field observations (Where do we have this problem?)

Trend Analysis using Raster can help with Root Cause Analysis reports and finding problem areas.

Power BI Dashboards using RASTER data

RASTER Data is linked to Power BI for creating reports and dashboards. Making sense of all your data using reports and visual representation like graphs and charts.

We have connected RASTER data to Power BI (Office 365) for making better, informed decisions based on factual data.

View Field Conditions and Inspection Results within 3D models

Actual Field Conditions and Inspection Results can now be visualized within your 3D Digital Twin models. This is huge for planning and coordinating maintenance activities.

By combining real-world RASTER data with visualization tools from AutoDesk Navisworks and AutoDesk Aveva Engage, the possibilities are endless.




3D Digital twins models

RASTER Data is linked to 3D geometry inside Digital Twin Models. Observations on 3D models can be used for better planning of maintenance activities.

Are there any other observations in the same area?

Our current implementations are for:

  • AutoDesk Navisworks Simulate
  • AVEVA Engage