Exterior Plant Integrity Control

Safety, Reliability, LEAN

By using LEAN tools like RASTER Portal and Mobile, we deliver on Safety and Plant Integrity. We use LEAN methods to combine Technical Requirements to Preventive Maintenance Activities for efficiency and improved Plant Integrity.

Raster Mobile App has a feature for recording HMS/RUH observations that are then added to Synergi database for follow-up and can be visualized in 3D.

EPIC / UAK Pilot Project at Hammerfest LNG

EPIC – UAK was developed along with Equinor during our Pilot Project at Hammerfest LNG.


Digital Field Worker

Using Raster Mobile App and ATEX Zone 1 Tablets for working in all areas of the Plant. By allowing Inspectors to use Digital Tools in the field, they have access to all the data they need at any given time.

Maintenance History.
Temperature and pressure from sensors.

Raster Mobile App is developed to be effective and eliminate Human Error.

EPIC / UAK Inspectors

One of the features of EPIC is that the inspectors are certified in multiple disciplines.

Multi-discipline EPIC Inspectors are key to doing more onsite with less people. EPIC Inspectors typically have three certificates:

  • NS 476 FROSIO Coating Inspector (Overflate)
  • FROSIO Insulation Inspector (Isolasjon)
  • NS 415 Operation Inspector (Driftsinspektør)


EPIC / UAK Pilot Project at Hammerfest LNG