Hammerfest LNG – EPIC / UAK Pilot Project


Reduce costs for Maintenance Inspection Activities as well as Increase Plant Reliability

Standardize methods and best practices for planning, inspection, and reporting


EPIC/UAK – a paradigm shift?

At the end of December 2015, a contract with 3MW for the Pilot Project for EPIC/UAK was signed.

Even though LEAN was not implemented at Hammerfest LNG when we approved the project, it has shown to be very effective and typical LEAN. We replaced a two man job for a one man job. In addition we try to take the best of both disciplines to maximize the effect. I am confident that this will be the new method for Visual Inspection at our Plants. A paradigm shift for Coating Maintenance, Corrosion Under Insulation, and Operation Inspection.

Axel Elmelid

Cost Per TAG (YTD)

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RASTER data platform can be used for data collection, trend analysis, and reporting results from maintenance activities at your plant.