About 3MW Integrity

3MW Integrity AS was founded in 2015 in Norway. Our main focus is to increase plant integrity by simplifying preventive maintenance using new technology for operational, CUI and general surface inspection and reporting.

The use of our technology offers an increase in the frequency of inspection and ensures a high and traceable quality of the inspection process. Standardisation and digitalization also results in a LEAN-like process where we currently have process savings of up to 90% for services within external visual inspection.

Read more about these new methods for EPIC – Exterior Plant Integrity Control.


Achilles Certified since 2015

Main Office

Fjordveien 3C
N-3490 Klokkarstua, Norwauy


Verdal Office

Neptunvegen 6
7655 Verdal, Norway



Geir Morland – CEO
+47 404 03 490

Roar Morland – VP Marketing and Sales
+47 950 75 800

David Todd Watson – VP Products and Services
+47 928 02 891